About KOGI

Since 2012, KOGI have helped more than 80 organizations across 25 countries to achieve optimization in the field of transport, healthcare, enterprise, and retail, through ICT to IoT transformation. Starting as an IoT designing company, KOGI Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan. Throughout the years of hands-on experiences executing ICT to IoT transformation projects, and to further intensify support to our projects in Middle East, KOGI Technology W.L.L. was established in 2018 to include system integration and technical project maintenance services.

Fast forward to 2020, the start of a new decade- a new information revolution is slowly taking shape. KOGI believes AI will redefine all industries- including healthcare, fin-tech, security, and retail sectors. We aim to become a key contributor in AI designs, and it will be our core corporate focus for the next decade. A true turn-key AI & IoT solution with the power to change the industry is not achievable by any single entity, thus KOGI eco-system alliance has been set up and strategically aligned based on sector focus philosophy.

KOGI will continue to strive for technology innovative and breakthrough, with extended localization efforts to build regional offices around the world, to play a key role in the next information revolution with our partners.